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Micro Textured Breast Surgery

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Micro Textured Breast Surgery

operation information

  • Operation Time 1Hour 30min-2Hours
  • Type of Anesthesia General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization Discharge on the day itself
  • Stitch Removal 7 days
  • Recovery 3~4 days for daily
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

MicroTextured Breast Surgery is for

  • If you want a full chest volume even with a small ribcage
  • If the shape of the breast has changed due to birth and diet
  • If you are looking for a prosthesis with few side effects
  • If the skin is thin and the chest textus is small
  • If you want a natural volume that gathers when standing -up and spreads from side to side when lying down

What is Micro Textured Prosthesis?

Why Micro-Textured Breast Surgery is Special

  • 01. Excellent elasticity and durability Makes the breast big and full even if the skin is thin and the ribcage is narrow
  • 02. Fine micro-textured surface The material of the implant is thinner and more detailed and precise than the basic texture,
    so it has a soft and smooth touch, and less capsular contracture
  • 03. Ideal shape change Similar to a real breast, it spreads naturally when lying down, and water droplet shape when standing!
  • 04. Prosthesis are approved by KFDA Minimize side effects by using safety proven genuine prosthesis

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