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Abdomen Surgery

Abdominal plastic surgery strengthens the function of the abdominal muscles
and removes saggy skin to have firm and slim waistline.

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Abdomen Surgery

operation information

  • Operation Time 2~3 Hours
  • Type of Anesthesia General
  • Hospitalization Hospitalize
    for 1day
  • Stitch Removal 7-10days after
    the operation
  • Recovery 7days after
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

Candidates for Surgery

  • Saggy stomach due to birth and aging
  • Saggy stomach due to rapid diet
  • Saggy stomach after liposuction

JAYJUN Abdomen Surgery Method

  • 01 Liposuction on upper stomach, lower stomach, waist and etc.
  • 02 Incision at the skin around the navel and lower abdomen (Incision range varies depending on the sagginess of the stomach)
  • 03 Collects and strengthens the stretched abs to improve the overall contour
  • 04 Make a suture in a area where it would not be exposed when wearing underwear or a swimsuit, and make the belly button in a new position.

JAYJUN Abdomen Surgery Method

  • 01.Customized stomach surgery Diagnose and operate according to the patient's abdominal condition
  • 02.Smooth abdominal line If correction is difficult only by liposuction, Skin resection and abdominal reinforcement are performed in parallel to complete a smooth abdomen
  • 03.Less worry about scars For less scar make an incision in a area where it would not be exposed when wearing underwear or a swimsuit

Quick Recovery for Abdomen Surgery System

  • 01 Minimize bleeding and pain by performing water shape liposuction
  • 02 Skin tightening through Venus laser treatment
  • 03 Follow-up management using various equipment such as Endermologie, High Frequency Machine, Eporex, and etc.

Management System after Abdomen Surgery

Delicate and systematic body care through customized management system

  • 01 High Frequency
  • 02 Endermologie
  • 03 Eporex

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