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Contour Injection

A procedure that creates small and slim facial lines using injection therapy without bone surgery.
A simple procedure which completes a smooth V-line by decomposing unnecessary fat on the face.

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Contour Injection

operation information

  • Operation Time 10 minutes
  • Type of Anesthesia Ointment
  • Hospitalization None
  • Stitch Removal None
  • Recovery Daily activity is possible on the day itself
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What is JAYJUN Contour Injection

JAYJUN Plastic Surgery Clinic Contour Injection is a non-surgical facial contouring injection that dissolves unnecessary fat and promotes peripheral blood vessels and lymph circulation to help the fat and body wastes to be discharged well. Because it is a simple injection procedure, pain is reduced, and effects such as improvement of skin elasticity and regeneration can be expected in addition to the effect of lipolysis.
  • 01. Face lifting
  • 02. Decrease cheek fat, double chin
  • 03. Decrease face swelling
  • 04. V-line face
  • 05. Downsize pores, skin elasticity

Lip Angle Botox is a procedure which goes well with lip filler

What is Lip Filler? Is a procedure that gives volume to the entire lips, it can be improved to a more three-dimensional, voluminous, pretty and lovely lips.
What is Lip Angle Botox? This is a procedure that corrects the angle and length of the lips with Botox, which can improve a natural and lively impression.

JAYJUN Contour Injection Effects for Each Part

  • Cheek When excessive fat accumulates in the cheekbones and looks prominent, gives an effect of reducing the cheekbones by decomposing fat through contour injection
  • Stretched Skin Under the Ears If the flesh under the ears is stretched and the outlines appear disorganized, by improving the area with contour injection, you can have a neat and tidy image.
  • Improve Stretched Cheek Meat When cheeks are stretched and appear to be grumpy presbyopia, create a young looking image lifting effect of contour injection that reduces stretched fat.
  • Double Chin Due to the flesh under the chin the face is large and looks like there is a double chin, Contour injection is injected throughout the face line to create a harmonious and sharp v-line.

Merits of JAYJUN Contour Injection

  • 01. Fat and easy procedure
  • 02. Completes small and slim v-line without bone surgery
  • 03. Skin elasticity/ downsizes pores
  • 04. Face lifting effect
  • 05. Smooth face line
  • 06. Daily activity is possible right after the procedure

How to Maximize the Effect of JAYJUN Contour Injection

  • 01. Avoid procedures that may irritate the skin, such as skin laser or peeling, for 4 weeks after the procedure.
  • 02. Do not touch or massage the treated area directly.
  • 03. Do not use alcohol-containing cosmetics directly on the treated area.
  • 04. Avoid places with high temperatures such as sauna for 2-3 days after the procedure.
  • 05. Do not drink or smoke for a week after the procedure.

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