Nasolabial Fold Surgery
(Paranasal Augmentation)

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Nasolabial Fold Surgery

operation information

  • Operation Time 1Hour 30min- 2Hours
  • Type of Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization Discharge on the day itself
  • Stitch Removal 7days after the operation
  • Recovery Recovery Period: 4-5 days after operation
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

What is a Nasolabial Fold Surgery?

Nasolabbial Fold Surgery is performed
when the maxillary region of the mid-eye margin is turned off
or folds are severely formed and Prostesis Nasolabbial Fold Surgery is a method
where the incision is made inside the mouth and prosthesis such as such as silicone, allodum, and Gore-Tex,
which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration inserted into the recessed part of the midface next to the nose

Nasolabial Fold Surgery is for

  • When the nasolabial folds are deep and appears more presbyopia than they actually are
  • If no effect has been achieved by fillers or fat transplantation
  • If you want a permanent effect
  • When both sides of the nose look flat without a sense of volume

Prosthesis Nasolabial Fold Surgery Method

  • 01 Secure space to insert implants
    after making an incision of less than 1cm inside the mouth
  • 02 After disinfecting the custom-made implant,
    insert it deep inside the skin
  • 03 To complete the procedure of the implant
    the end part will be fixed so that it would not be moving,
    and suture the incision so that no scar will remain.

Characteristics of Prosthesis Nasolabial Fold Surgery

  • 01. Prosthesis is made to fit individuals by considering soft tissue, facial shape, and muscle movement

  • 02. With minimal incision there is no worries about scars and inconvenience in daily life

  • 03. Minimizes inflammation and detachment of the implant with a reliable fixation method

  • 04. Semi-permanent effect and it can be removed when it is not desired.

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