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3D Cheekbone

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3D Cheekbone Reduction

operation information

  • Operation Time 1~2 hours
  • Type of Anesthesia General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization 1 days
  • Stitch Removal 6 days
  • Recovery 1 week for daily
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

3D Cheekbone Reduction is for

  • Those who have strong impression and masculine look due to the protruded cheekbone
  • Those who seem to have wide face due to the developed cheekbone
  • Those who want both front and side view effect at the same time
  • Those who look older than the actual age due to the long face
  • Those who have too much unnecessary space on the face

JAYJUN Mini Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Method

  • 01 “L” shape osteotomy
    is done on the front part
    of the cheekbone
  • 02 Excise a piece out of
    the front cheek, and
    cut the arch bone
  • 03 Push the front and back part
    of the cheekbone inwards and
    fix it with the fixing screw
  • 04 Move the soft tissue towards
    front cheekbone to give volume,
    and three dimensional cheekbone
    line is completed

Characteristics of JAYJUN 3D Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

  • 01. Customized Operation Customized operation is performed by thoroughly measuring the bone’s size and thickness of each one, and decide its cutting amount along with themoving range
  • 02. Three Dimensional Baby Face Effect It is not just a simple process to cut the cheekbone and push inwards but 3D Baby face effect with adequate volume is provided along
  • 03. Firmly Fixed Bones Minimized nonunion of the bone or side effects by firmly fixing the fractured front and back part of the cheekbone
  • 04. Safe Operation Skilled specialist’s operation is performed considering patient’s safety

3D Cheekbone BEFORE & AFTER (Surgery result may vary depending on each one’s condition.)

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