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Greetings from the CEO

What is the standard of beauty in your opinion?

  • The standard of beauty is not absolute. I think everyone has their own beauty. It is not only the looks, but harmony of the person's eyes and skin color, values, and attitude toward life and it becomes that person’s charm. Rather than changing a patient through plastic surgery, by changing their appearance a person can change his/her values in a positive direction and help them become more attractive. That is the role of JAYJUN

What is the role of plastic surgery that JAYJUN pursues?

  • Sometimes there are patients who are pretty but still wants plastic surgery. Their eyes are moderately big enough and their nose is not that low but still they are not satisfied with it. I think the patient’s standard was the what we commonly call “GANGNAM BEAUTY”. There was a time when I fully explained the wrong standards of beauty that women have these days and I sent them back. By saying this things is also the role of JAYJUN.