Eye Revision Surgery

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Eye Revision Surgery

Eye Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is done when the previous surgery went wrong, or when another type of crease is wanted due to dissatisfaction

operation information

  • Operation Time 1~1.5 Hour
  • Type of Anesthesia Sedation
  • Hospitalization Not Required
  • Stitch Removal 5~7 Days
  • Recovery 2~3 Weeks for daily activities
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

Eye Revision Available Period and Analysis of the Failure

Adequate period for revision

  • 6 months after previous surgery, but 1 year or more time is required depending on the cases
  • After the infection is treated, in case infection was caused
  • When the redness of the scar is totally gone

Analysis of the previous surgery failure

  • For a satisfactory result for revision surgery, thorough consultation is done analyzing the causes of previous failure

1:1 Customized revision surgery after examination of

  • 01. Amount of spare skin
  • 02. Examine the existing crease’s scar and adhesion
  • 03. Amount of orbital fat
  • 04. Determine the thickness of eyelid
  • 05. Determine the strength of upper eyelid muscle
  • 06. Determine the thickness of temporal muscle
  • 07. Determine whether ectropion of the eyelid exists or not

Eye Revision Surgery is for

  • Those who have high and thick double eyelid (sausage line)
    This is when the crease was designed exaggerated. It is important to rearrange the crease’s height removing the unnecessary fats and scar tissue for a natural double eyelid
  • Those who got the double eyelids loosened
    This is when the crease was too thin or got loosened due to the weak fixation The procedure is relatively simple unlike other cases
  • Those who have asymmetric height of both sides
    This is when both creases were designed unequally or one got loosened causing asymmetry Asymmetry correction is required by loosening the existing crease first, and then redesign both creases
  • Those who have too low or thin double eyelid
    This is when the double eyelid got smaller after surgery Correction is needed to make a new higher double eyelid crease
  • Those who are dissatisfied with previous surgery’s result
    This is when current double eyelid shape or height is not satisfying With our skilled specialist, thorough consultation is needed to fully understand the requested double eyelid design
  • Those who have saggy double eyelids
    In cases where the strength of the line of the previous operation collapses due to the decrease in skin elasticity. unnecessary skin will be removed and muscles are fixed to improve the collapsed line, if necessary eyebrow lift endoscopic forehead lift will be done together

Characteristics of Eye Revision Surgery

  • 01. 1:1 Customized Eye Surgery 1:1 Customized surgery will be provided with accurate analysis and determination to avoid further revision surgery
  • 02. Skilled Specialist’s Operation Specialists with abound clinical experiences and aesthetic sense
  • 03. Minimal Scarring We put upmost effort to achieve natural result minimizing tissue damages
  • 04. 1:1 Customized Surgery Natural Result!

Eye Revision Surgery BEFORE & AFTER (Surgery result may vary depending on each one’s condition.)

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