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Face Contour Re-surgery

For patients considering facial contour re-surgery, it is a more difficult operation than other surgeries, so it is necessary to choose a hospital carefully because the psychological burden is very high.

operation information

  • Operation Time Within 2 hours
  • Type of Anesthesia General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization 1 day
  • Stitch Removal 2 Week
    after the operation
  • Recovery 1-2 Weeks
    after the operation
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

Candidates for Surgery

  • When there is asymmetry and imbalance
  • When the difference between before and after surgery is insignificant
  • If you complain of functional side effects
  • If your unsatisfied with the result

Why JAYJUN Face Contour Re-surgery?

  • 01

    Cooperative system of professional medical staff with rich experience and know-how

  • 02

    Reoperation plan with sufficient consultation and diagnosis

  • 03

    Possessing a safety system for safe operation

  • 04

    Precised and safe operation

  • 01

    Scientific examination through 3D CT equipment

  • 02

    Accurately analyze the cause of reoperation

  • 03

    Reliable professional medical staff with various face contouring surgery experiences

Process of JAYJUN Face Contour Re-surgery

  • 01

    Detailed analysis and consultation

  • 02

    Diagnosis with high-tech

  • 03

    Systematic surgery plan

  • 04

    Safe reoperation surgery

  • 05

    Personalized care
    after surgery

Types of Re-surgery

01. Cheekbone Re-surgery

  • In case there is asymmetry in both cheekbones

  • In case there is sagginess in both cheeks

  • In case there is no change in length and width of the face

  • In case the front cheekbone went in too much

02. Square Chin Re-surgery

  • If quadratic angle occurs

  • In case of asymmetry

  • If the jaw line has been operated and has bumpy line

  • If the front effect is insufficient

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