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Venus Laser

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Venus Laser

Beautiful facial line without incisions Melt down the fats and lift the sagging skin with Venus Laser

operation information

  • Operation Time Within 30 Minutes
  • Type of Anesthesia Sedation / Local
  • Hospitalization Not Required
  • Stitch Removal Not Required
  • Recovery Daily activities immediately
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

What is Venus Laser?

Two-wavelength laser (980nm, 1470nm) will treat the sagging facial skin and double chin without any skin sagging

It is KFDA cleared laser equipment which uses 1mm of small tube. The laser directly reaches skin dermis to remove unnecessary facial fats and to lift the skin at the same time.
Blood vessel, nerve, muscle damage is less as specially produced thin optical fiber is used to remove the fat cells. This non incision lifting treatment will bring short downtime and has advantage to return to daily life in a short period of time.

Venus Laser is for

  • Those who wish to make the sagging hips elastic
  • Those who faced skin sagging after facial contouring or two jaw surgery
  • Those who are bothered with stretch marks
  • Those whose sagging chin makes the face sagging in general
  • Those whose are stressed with sagging skin due to excessive diet or delivery
  • Those who cannot have much downtime and need fast recovery

Venus Laser Treatment Method

Venus Laser’s tip directly enters to the fat layer to destroy the fat layer and stimulates the dermis for acceleration of collagen and elastin production! It also helps to complete elastic and healthy skin.

  • 01. Secure space for the laser tip to enter through a fine hole
  • 02. Venus laser will directly destroy the fat layer
  • 03. Fat layer will get thinner while collagen and elastin regeneration will be accelerated and complete skin elasticity

Characteristics of JAYJUN Venus Laser

Fat Removal and Wrinkle Improvement - Venus Laser

  • 01. Ideal Ratio Venus’ special wavelength reduces the fat layer and the laser directly stimulates skin dermis to induce collagen and elastin regeneration for fat removal and wrinkle improvement
  • 02. No Scarring There is no need to worry about scarring since the operation is done through a fine syringe hole for the laser tip to enter
  • 03. Quick return to daily life Quick return to daily life is available as its resilience is fast and operation time is short compared to other type of surgeries

Venus Laser BEFORE & AFTER (Surgery result may vary depending on each one’s condition.)

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