Surgery that allows various image changes
by lifting the saggy and inelastic corners of the eyes

Eyejun Lifting

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Eyejun Lifting

operation information

  • Operation Time 30 Minutes
  • Type of Anesthesia Local Anesthesia / Partial Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization Discharge
    on the day itself
  • Stitch Removal 7 Days
    after the Surgery
  • Recovery After Stitch Removal
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

What is Eyejun Lifting?

  • Eyejun Lifting gives multi-directional image depending on the treatment target Unlike eyebrow lift, which simply removes saggy skin and pulls the skin to raise the eye area, Eyejun Lifting is a new concept lifting procedure by Jayjun Plastic Surgery that can improve skin elasticity and image at the same time through differentiated eyelid lifting.

Candidates for Surgery

  • If your impression looks sad due to drooping eyes
  • If there are many wrinkles around the eyes and is saggy
  • If the double eyelid is not shown due to drooping eyes
  • If you have sore and inflamed eyes due to drooping eyes
  • If you do not like your impression due to drooping eyes

Effect of Eyejun Lifting

Jayjun Plastic Surgery's Eyejun Lifting is a surgery that is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender, we can create a variety of images with fine movements of the corners of your eyes.

Characteristics of Eyejun Lifting

  • Natural Lifting
  • Less Scars
  • Quick Recovery
  • Attractive Image
  • Baby Face Effect
  • Improves Wrinkles and Skin Elasticity
  • Customized 1:1 Procedure

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