Nose is directly related to men's pride!

Men Nose Surgery

Prominent nose gives stylish impression to others

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Men Nose Surgery

operation information

  • Operation Time About 1~2 Hours
  • Type of Anesthesia Sedation / Local
  • Hospitalization Not Required
  • Stitch Removal 1 Week
  • Recovery After stitch removal
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

Male Nose Surgery is for

  • Those who have low nose bridge
  • Those who have flat nose
  • Those who want to obtain masculine nose
  • Those who have round or bulbous nose
  • Those who have upturned nose
  • Those who are interested in revision surgery

What is an ideal angle of man’s nose?

Straight line and angle!

Straight line from the nose dorsum to the bridge gives strong and masculine impression

Ideal nose line for men and women

  • Men’s nose line

    Straight line from the nose dorsum to the tip to appeal masculine impression

  • Women’s nose line

    Curved nose tip slightly upwards not showing the nostrils to appeal feminine and elegant impression

JAYJUN Male Nose Surgery Effects

  • 01. Maximize front view effect

    Nose, the center of the face, will be prominent not only in side view but in front view at the same time

  • 02. Three dimensional facial line

    Surgery is performed considering the whole face to achieve balanced and the best 3D facial line

  • 03. Improvement in function

    Hump nose, deviated nose kind of problems are functionally solved which usually occur to men

Male Nose Surgery BEFORE & AFTER (Surgery result may vary depending on each one’s condition.)

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