Men Face Contour Surgery

- Establish a surgery plan considering the characteristics
of men with different skeletal structures from women
- Completes a sharp face contour line with the improvement of the chin problem

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Men Face Contour Surgery

What is JAYJUN Men Face Contour Surgery?

Even if you have good features, if your face line is bumpy, you can make a strong impression or give a rustic impression.

JAYJUN face contour surgery takes into account men’s structure, who have a wider skeleton than women's, and corrects individual’s shortcomings to create a harmonious face without awkwardness.

operation information

  • Operation Time 1 hour – 2 hours
  • Type of Anesthesia General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization 1 day
  • Stitch Removal 1 Week
    after the Operation
  • Recovery 1 Week
    after the Operation
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

JAYJUN Men Face Contour Surgery

1:1 customized facial contour that enhances the natural and attractive male contour line.

  • 01

    Slim and sharp cheekbone

    Reduction Surgery

  • 02

    Natural V-line

    Front Chin

  • 03

    Slim but manly looking face line

    Square Chin
    Reduction Surgery

Key Points of JAYJUN Men Face Contour Surgery

  • Customized complex surgery for maximum effect with delicate and sophisticated minimal touch
  • Completes a slim and slender v-line face not only from the front and side, but also from the end of the chin
  • Prevent sagginess that can occur after facial contour surgery with fixation
  • The advantages of the existing facial contouring surgery are preserved and the disadvantages are improved
  • Natural face contour line
  • Sharp face line in any view
  • Prevents double chin and saggy cheeks with tight fixation
  • Softens strong impressions

Normal Face Contour VS JAYJUN Face Contour

  • Normal Face Contour

    Effects :

    You can see the effect of making the face smaller, but there is a limit to perfect V-line

    - Secondary angles can occur when only extending or reducing the chin by excising the chin, and can cause reoperation.
    - The horizontal width of the chin may be reduced, but the vertical width may increase, making it look artificial and aged.

    Surgical Area :

    One-dimensional surgical site around the bone osteotomy

    - If the area where the bones and skin muscles are peeled off is large and the skin sags, lifting may be necessary in the future.
    - In case of sebaceous osteotomy, only the protruding part is slightly trimmed which gives insufficient frontal effect.
    - If the area where the bones and skin muscles are peeled off a large sagginess might happen and lifting may be necessary in the future.

    Tissue Damage(Bleeding) :

    The tissue damage is relatively large and the possibility of bleeding is high

    - The incision site is long and wide and the tissue damage is also large.

  • JAYJUN Face Contour

    Effects :

    - A natural and smooth square chin with no secondary angles, and a natural face line with soft and sharp cheekbones
    - Natural and slim v-line from any angle

    - In consideration of the overall balance of the face, not only the jawbone is excised, but individual cortical bone resection, muscle resection, and mixed v-line surgery are combined and performed together to maximize the effect of the frontal surgery.
    - Complete slim and slender v-line face not only from the front and side, but also from the end of the chin.
    - Three-dimensional improvement of overdeveloped front, side, and 45 degree cheekbones.

    Surgical Area :

    3D complex surgery site as well as bone osteotomy

    - By limiting a large amount of bone that will be excised so that there is no problem in safety and maximize the front view effect.
    - Surgery that minimizes double chin and cheek sagginess by maximizing the skin lifting effect by not only reducing the muscle mass but also fixing the "periosteum", the membrane that surrounds the bones.
    - Effect of slimmer face even for those with thick chin by removing unnecessary muscle and fat.

    Tissue Damage(Bleeding) :

    Less tissue damage and relatively less bleeding

    - Fast recovery with minimal dissection and microincision with less bleeding.

Characteristics of JAYJUN Men Face Contour Surgery

Men's facial contour surgery to make the features of the face more distinct!

  • Differentiated surgical plan considering the male skeleton
  • A harmonious face without awkwardness by preserving the existing personality and correcting the sense of inferiority
  • Natural and soft face line considering the chin and features of the face
  • Less scars and bruised for fast recovery
  • Minimize bleeding and pain considering men with thick blood vessels

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