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JAYJUN Facial Contour System

  • Professional Medical Team

    • Completes a gorgeous face shape with the know-how of professional face contour medical team.
  • One Stop System

    • One-stop service from preoperative checkup to postoperative care.
    • Patient- centered face contour program for patients.
  • 3D Complete Medical Check-up

    • Through 3D 3DCT (X-ray) imaging, it will measure the thickness of bones, and the location of nerves and blood vessels.
    • Safe and satisfying surgery results by minimizing the range of errors through accurate measurement.
  • 1:1 Customized Surgery

    • Establish a systematic customized surgery plan before surgery.
    • Enhanced accuracy and safety for error free surgery.
  • 1:1 Safety Anesthesia System

    • Responsible Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Specialist resides 365 days a year and performs during the surgery, operates emergency replacement system.
  • Post Operative Care System

    • Post operative care by professional skin care specialist.
    • Operates a skin management system for swelling, bruising, and wound management as well as quick recovery.

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