Ear Surgery

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Ear Surgery

If the shape of the ear is deformed due to congenital or acquired causes, the shape of the ear is corrected through ear surgery.
If you have been stressed since childhood due to ear deformation of protruding and recumbent ears, you can restore your confidence with ear surgery

operation information

  • Operation Time 30 Minutes – 1 Hour
  • Type of Anesthesia Partial Anesthesia / Local Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization Discharge
    on the day itself
  • Stitch Removal 1 Week
    after the Operation
  • Recovery Right after the surgery
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

Candidates for Ear Surgery

  • If the shape or size of the ear is incorrect due to a congenital abnormality or acquired trauma
  • When the ear looks gone in front view
  • When the ears looks protruded when the hair is tied
  • If you are engaged in a service business that requires a neat hairstyle

Ideal Ear Shape

JAYJUN Plastic Surgery performs surgery considering various aspects such as balance of the face, the patient's constitution and skin condition, and the muscles around the ears.

Ear shaping according to the proportions of eyes, nose, mouth, and face creates a neat and clean image, and can handle a variety of hairstyles, such as curled hair and curled hair behind the ears and completes a beautiful facial features with balanced ears.

  • Completion of attractive lips by pulling the corners of the lips using melting thread (PDO) certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • The uppermost part of the pinna is located on the side of the eye, and the lowermost part of the auricle is located at the tip of the nose
  • The ears should lie back about 8 to 10 degrees when looking at the side of the face

Ear Surgery Method

  • Protruded Ear When viewed from the front, if the ears are widely open then it is called monkey or donkey ears. The operation is performed by making an incision in the ear cartilage and correcting it or using a non-absorbable thread to make a Y-shaped large diaphragm.
    Protruding ears must be operated in harmony with the face shape and the ear shape, and the symmetry of both ears can be operated to create a natural ear shape without awkwardness.
  • Lying Ear When viewed from the front, it looks like there are no ears, so the face is relatively looks very large. The operation is performed by properly adjusting the degree of separation of the ears from the head and erecting the ears.
    The surgery is planned in consideration of the structure of the ear, wrinkles, and the angle of the pinna.
    Correcting a lying ear has a effect of making the face look smaller.
  • Sharp Ear The thickness of the earlobe is thin and sharply pulled down, and the shape of the ear is in a straight line with the jaw line. If the earlobe is small, autologous fat grafting is used to make the earlobe.
    If the size of the earlobe is large enough, an incision is made where the earlobe meets the face to shape the ear, and the skin on the cheek is pulled up and sutured to make the earlobe.
  • Separated Ear Earlobe shape is cracked due to wearing heavy earrings or congenital anomalies. In most cases, there are horizontal or simple tears, and in this case, surgery is performed using simple sutures.
    However, if the degree of cracking is severe or if it is torn in a complex shape, the skin tissue around the ear is transplanted and sealed.

Characteristics of Ear Surgery

  • Ideal ear shape considering the balance of the face
  • Neat and clean image
  • Less scar and scar management
  • 1:1 customized ear surgery
  • Rich clinical experience of specialist

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