JAYJUN Rhinoplasty System

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JAYJUN Rhinoplasty System

JAYJUN rhinoplasty is a 1:1 personalized treatment that enhances the perfection of beauty with a three-dimensional face line that matches the center of the face.

JAYJUN Rhinoplasty

  • Personalized surgery through accurate diagnosis and analysis
  • 3D face line analysis through 3D-CT checkup
  • Systematic recovery system
  • Delicate and skilled surgery with plastic surgery specialist
  • 1:1 personalized safe anesthesia system

01. 1:1 Personalized Rhinoplasty

  • We consider over all balance and harmony of the nose and face through analyzing the condition of your nose. We do customized rhinoplasty in most ideal surgical method for each individual.

02. Safe and Multidisciplinary System

  • For professional treatment of JAYJUN rhinoplasty, we have Doctors, surgery centers, coordinating teams, and treatment centers are systematically managed in all fields, and comfortable and safe management from consultation to post-surgery management

03. Lovely and Ideal Nose Line in Harmony with the Face

  • JAYJUN's medical team designs the nose tip in consideration of overall proportion and features with delicate and accurate surgical know-how resulting a satisfactory surgery.

04. Detailed Stereoscopic Analysis through 3D-CT Checkup

  • JAYJUN rhinoplasty precisely analyzes the internal structure of the nose through 3D-CT for accurate diagnosis, and improves not only in cosmetic but also in functional parts, resulting a high satisfaction with successful surgical results.

05. Post-Operative Recovery Management System

  • By operating a post-surgery management program by a professional manager, there will be quick recovery, also manages swelling, bruising, and wound management and skin care.

06. 1:1 Dedicated Anesthesia System for Safe Surgery

  • Anesthesiology specialist resides at the hospital 365 days a year, performs responsible anesthesia during surgery and operate an emergency response system

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