Big and voluptuous breast Made to fit individual body type

Breast Augmentation

This is a surgery to create a voluminous and beautiful breast by inserting a prosthesis in to
a small or sagging breast in accordance with an individual's body shape and proportions

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

operation information

  • Operation Time 1Hour 30min-2Hours
  • Type of Anesthesia General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization Discharge on the day itself
  • Stitch Removal 7 days
  • Recovery 3~4 days for daily
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

Candidates for Surgery

  • Has small and saggy breast complex
  • If you want to give more volume to your breast
  • If you want more bigger breast
  • If there is changes in shape of the breast due to sudden die and birth
  • If the overall body proportion does not fit
  • If you need a re-surgery
  • If you do not feel comfortable wearing clothes

JAYJUN Plastic Surgery performs Full HD endoscopic surgery to reduce vascular damage!

  • Selection of Prosthesis

    Determine the type, size, location, and incision area of the prosthesis in consideration of the patient's breast shape, physical condition, thickness of the skin , and personal preference before surgery.

    Types of Prosthesis

    • Round Prosthesis It is a prosthesis that shows a voluptuous shape in both the upper and lower breasts

      1. Less capsular contracture

      2. No need for massage

      3. Less movement of the prosthesis according to body movement after surgery

    • Mentor Extra Prosthesis An ideal volume prosthesis for Korean women who has small breast circumference

      1. Provides more volume compared to the width of the chest

      2. With precise filling it provides natural line and touch

      3. With round finish on both sides there is natural touch and movement after the surgery

      4. You can choose the prosthesis according to the purpose between micro texture type that has even texture with Smooth type that has smooth texture

    • Motiva Prosthesis An ideal prosthesis that has most the same feeling of real breast

      1. Forms a round breast shape that spreads naturally even when lying down

      2. Using a gel with excellent viscosity and sensation

      3. IUDI, a unique identification device that can be inserted into the human body and allows you to check breast prosthesis information

  • Surface Shape Texture type is produced only for water droplet shape implants because the chest is distorted if the implant is not fixed in the chest.
    • Smooth Type The surface is smooth Natural movement and has fine texture and breast massage can be needed to have more natural texture
    • Texture Type The surface is rough The prosthesis sticks to the breast tissues and it is the reason why it has less probability of capsular contracture and no need for breast massage
    • Micro Texture Type Smooth prosthesis, prosthesis that combines only the merits of texture prosthesis It has a finer and more precise surface than the existing texture, so the texture is soft and smooth, and less probability of capsular contracture

    Steps for Natural Water Droplet Line Breast Surgery

    • 01. Various detailed examinations to understand the structure of the chest Examine the height, weight, rib cage asymmetry, volume of breast tissue, and skin elasticity before the surgery
    • 02. FDA Certified prosthesis and size selection Safety approved by US FDA, use prosthesis that is approved by Korea Food and Drug Administration.
    • JAYJUN Plastic Surgery uses only prosthesis that are FDA approved and safety has been verified.
  • Micro Textured Breast Surgery

    operation information

    • Operation Time 1Hour 30min-2Hours
    • Type of Anesthesia General Anesthesia
    • Hospitalization Discharge on the day itself
    • Stitch Removal 7 days
    • Recovery 3~4 days for daily
    • The information
      may vary depending
      on each one’s

    MicroTextured Breast Surgery is for

    • If you want a full chest volume even with a small ribcage
    • If the shape of the breast has changed due to birth and diet
    • If you are looking for a prosthesis with few side effects
    • If the skin is thin and the chest textus is small
    • If you want a natural volume that gathers when standing -up and spreads from side to side when lying down

    What is Micro Textured Prosthesis?

  • Why Micro-Textured Breast Surgery is Special

    • 01. Excellent elasticity and durability Makes the breast big and full even if the skin is thin and the ribcage is narrow
    • 02. Fine micro-textured surface The material of the implant is thinner and more detailed and precise than the basic texture,
      so it has a soft and smooth touch, and less capsular contracture
    • 03. Ideal shape change Similar to a real breast, it spreads naturally when lying down, and water droplet shape when standing!
    • 04. Prosthesis are approved by KFDA Minimize side effects by using safety proven genuine prosthesis

    JAYJUN After Care System

    We conduct professional and systematic scar treatment and chest care programs to strive for the best results.

    • SCAR CARE SERVIES Depending on the patient's condition, customized scar management is performed through scar ointment, laser and regeneration injection.
    • AFTER CARE SERVIES High-frequency treatment, lymph-massage management helps blood circulation, relieves swelling and increases the natural healing power on damaged skin throught the light emitted from the lamp with the Smart Lux treatment device, which helps quick recovery.

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