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JAYJUN Total Anti-Aging Lifting

JAYJUN Lifting is an anti-aging program that performs various lifting procedures customized to individuals according to age, skin condition, and required effects to improve elasticity of wrinkled and saggy skin and to make broken facial lines sharp.

JAYJUN Lifting and Fat Graft

  • Definite and Long-Term Effect
  • Full Experience and Know-How of Specialists
  • Customized 1:1 Procedure with Various Treatment Method
  • Uses Certified Advanced Anti-Aging Equipment
  • Customized 1:1 Safe Anesthesia System

JAYJUN 1:1 Customized Lifting Program

JAYJUN Lifting Center re-establishes the most effective customized anti-aging for patients by considering the direction and cause of the patient's wrinkles, skin condition, thickness, and sagginess

Characteristics of JAYJUN Lifting

01. Customized treatment with various treatment methods

The type of lifting that varies depending on the desired treatment part and age

  • Accurately analyzes the age and condition of an individual and provide customized lifting by identifying the main cause of presbyopia.

01.Thread Lifting

Skin Regeneration + Increase Elasticity + Wrinkle Improvement

02.Non-Incision Lifting

Venus Laser + Ulthera + Thermage

03.Incision Lifting

Powerfully lifts saggy skin and deep wrinkles

04.Micro Fat Transplant

Excellent facial effect by utilizing the overall volume and three-dimensional effect of the face

02. Abundant Surgical Experience and Know-Hows

The combination of high-level lifting technology and know-how on face lift surgery through numerous clinical results provides a natural and definite effect suitable for the condition of patients of all ages

  • Technology that has accumulated numerous lifting know-how over many years
  • Exclusive 1:1 patient management
  • Continuous research on lifting by medical staff

03. Definite and Long-term Effect

JAYJUN selects the most appropriate treatment and performs 1:1 customized lifting considering the thick position and elasticity of the soft tissue of the face such as individual skin, fat, and muscles. For those in their 20s and 30s, you can get a balanced beauty and youthful effect, and for those in their 40s and older, you can get a certain semi-permanent effect with a clear wrinkle improvement effect.

04. Uses Certified Original Advanced Anti-Aging Equipment

Advanced medical equipment used in lifting procedures, such as lifting threads, Botox, and fillers are genuine and it provides safe and effective treatments.

  • Venus

    Lipolysis/Skin Elasticity/
    Saggy Skin Improvement

    Uses a small tube of about 1 mm, laser equipment that directly irradiates to dermal layer of the skin to remove and lift unnecessary fat on the face
  • Ulthera

    Wrinkle Improvement/
    Skin Elasticity/Lifting/
    Anti-Wrinkle Effect

    Advanced lifting laser that generates 55-70 degrees of heat by using high-intensity ultrasound to SMAS deep inside the skin, giving great effect on wrinkles and elasticity
  • Thermage CPT

    Wrinkle Improvement/
    Skin Elasticity/Lifting/
    Anti-Wrinkle Effect

    Induces collagen production in the skin by delivering high-frequency energy deep into the skin, advanced lifting laser that regenerates saggy and elasticity of the skin
  • LDM Med Lifting

    Wrinkle Improvement/
    Skin Regeneration/Skin Elasticity/
    Whitening/Anti-Wrinkle Effect

    By penetrating high-density ultrasound energy deep into the skin, it reduces skin aging and proteolytic enzymes, which is the main culprit, while raising HSP an enzyme that produces collagen will go up to 180% and advanced lifting equipment that provides various skin improvement effects such as skin elasticity, wrinkle improvement, moisturizing, pore reduction and etc.
  • E2 Sublime

    Wrinkle Improvement/
    Skin Elasticity/V-Line Effect/
    Anti-Wrinkle Effect

    Safely transmits infrared ray and high-frequency radiation to the upper dermis without damaging the skin, and lifting laser that promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis to increase skin elasticity and improve fine lines
  • Thread Lifting/Botox/Filler

    Skin Regeneration/
    Skin Elasticity/V-Line Effect/
    Anti-Wrinkle Effect

    Becomes beautiful with quick, simple and safe procedure by lifting and petit plastic surgery

05. 1:1 Safety Anesthesia System

With the belief that plastic surgery should be conducted safely, we thoroughly check and prepare all safety factors.

  • Check the patient’s status before surgery through detailed examination
  • Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Specialist residing at hospital
  • Always prepared for emergency situations and power outages with uninterruptible power systems and ventricular defibrillators
  • We have university hospital-class anesthesia equipment to help safe and quick recovery
  • Real-time monitor of patient condition through advanced monitoring system
  • Exclusive management system of specialists in anesthesiology and pain medicine from before surgery to recovery after surgery

06. After Care System

  • Various and specialized 1:1 management programs according to individual patient characteristics
  • Systematic follow-up management system that maximizes the patient's surgical results
  • Minimize pain and swelling through the latest management equipment system
  • A management system that helps you to return to your daily routine after surgery
  • Smart Lux Management It helps to promote the production of skin cells stimulated after surgery, increase circulation, control pain, and improve skin elasticity to help patients recover quickly and provide high satisfaction.
  • High Frequency Management Helps collagen regeneration to make damaged skin more elastic and healthy, enabling quick return to daily life.

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