Oral Angle Surgery

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Oral Angle Surgery

Surgery that naturally raises both ends of the dropping corners of the lips to make them bright and attractive.

operation information

  • Operation Time 40 minutes – 50 minutes
  • Type of Anesthesia Local Anesthesia / Anesthesia Cream
  • Hospitalization Discharge
    on the day itself
  • Stitch Removal 7days / None
  • Recovery After stitch removal / Right after the surgery
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

What is Oral Angle Surgery?

JAYJUN Oral Angle Surgery makes a person with a beautiful smile

A beautiful smile is a very important factor in determining a person's life. No matter how harmonious and pretty you are, if your mouth is droopy or asymmetrical, you can give a depressed and angry impression.

JAYJUN Oral Angle Surgery is a surgery that naturally raises the drooping corners of the lips to make them look like they are smiling even when they are expressionless from a depressed and angry impression, forming a bright and lively face and image.

When you need Oral Angle Surgery

  • If the corners of the mouth are congenitally dropping
  • If you are often told that you look sad or emotionless
  • If you want to have beautiful smiling face
  • If you need to improve your image before getting a job or interview
  • If the lips or corners of the mouth are asymmetrical

JAYJUN Oral Angle Surgery Method

JAYJUN Oral Angle Surgery can be done according to individual inclinations or the overall aura of the face.

Case 01. If the angle of the lips is a little dropping (Non-incision oral angle procedure)

  • 01 Oral Angle Lifting Completion of attractive lips by pulling the corners of the lips using melting thread (PDO) certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • 02 Volume Filler Completes a voluminous lips while correcting the lips
  • 03 Oral Angle Correction Botox Correcting saggy muscles and skin around the mouth

Case 02. If your Oral Angle is dropping too much (Incision surgery that definitely raises the drooping corners of the lips)

  • step 01 Height and corner shape is designed to harmonize the face through 1:1 consultation
  • step 02 Partial removal of saggy skin around the corners of the mouth considering the muscle tissue, fat mass, and skin condition
  • step 03 Non-suture by adjusting the direction of the muscle, which is the main cause of drooping the corners of the mouth
  • step 04 Completes a natural smile even with no expression

Characteristics of Oral Angle Surgery

  • Smooth and bright impression
  • Natural smile with no awkwardness
  • Attractive lips that harmonizes with the face
  • Less scar and scar management
  • Younger looking face

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