The main ingredient of Botox is botulinum toxin, a powerful "natural" toxic substance,
which is very toxic, so particular attention should be paid upon procedure.
For safe and effective Botox treatment, it is recommended to receive the treatment
from a plastic surgery specialist who has a high understanding of Botox
and has various clinical experiences.

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operation information

  • Operation Time 10 minutes
  • Type of Anesthesia Ointment
  • Hospitalization None
  • Stitch Removal None
  • Recovery Daily activity is possible on the day itself
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

JAYJUN Botox Treatment Parts

Botox treatment effect for each part

  • Wrinkle Botox When it is injected to wrinkles on the face such as glabellar wrinkles, eye wrinkles, nose wrinkles, neck wrinkles, and nasolabial wrinkles then it can spread out the wrinkle. In addition, it can correct the fine lines that accumulate layers around the eyes to glabellar lines and forehead lines caused by wrong habits.
  • Square Chin Botox In case the it is injected around the overly developed chin, it can reduce the size of the muscles and create a slim face line.
  • Calf Botox You can create smooth leg lines by injecting Botox into the muscles of the calf caused by excessive exercise or incorrect gait habit. When injected into the calf muscle, it suppresses the separation of neurotransmitters and prevents the use of the muscle and creates an 11-shaped leg line.
  • Cucullaris Botox If the shoulder muscles look larger due to the development of the shoulder muscles, use Botox to reduce the bulbous shoulder muscles to create a straight shoulder line. If there is pain due to tight shoulder muscles, it can help relieve shoulder pain by releasing the muscles with Botox.
  • Hyperhidrosis Botox In the case of abnormal sweat secretion in hands, armpits, and feet, the sweat can be suppressed through Botox. Botox not only suppresses the secretion of nerve substances by marking the sweat glands, but also has the effect of improving odor.

Botox Treated by a Specialist

Botox is a simple procedure that takes less than 10 minutes, but its effectiveness varies depending on how much it is injected and where it is injected. JAYJUN Plastic Surgery Clinic has a plastic surgeon who applies genuine Botox to the correct area with a quantitative amount, so you can feel the effect of the procedure. JAYJUN Plastic Surgeon also considers the overall harmony and proportion of the face even when using Botox, so the satisfaction level is high after the procedure.

Cautions After Botox Procedure

  • Applying a cold compress for 15 minutes before and after the procedure can minimize bruising and swelling.
  • Please be careful not to rub the injected area after procedure.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking should be avoided for 1 week after the procedure.
  • Please avoid sauna and hot bath after the procedure.
  • For square chin Botox avoid hard and chewy foods.

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