Nose Revision Surgery

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Nose Revision Surgery

If the previous surgery result is different from the expectation, if the implant is showing, if the implant has been shifted, or if nasal contracture occurs, Nose revision surgery is required

operation information

  • Operation Time About 1.5 Hours
  • Type of Anesthesia Sedation
  • Hospitalization Not Required
  • Stitch Removal 7 days for daily activities
  • Recovery After stitch removal
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

When can I undergo revision surgery?

  • 01. Revision is possible after 6 months, when the skin tissues are softened
  • 02. Revision is possible when the scarring of the operation site is healed and softened
  • 03. It is recommended to stay about 6 months and check the status to undergo a revision surgery

Nose Revision Surgery is needed

  • If the previous surgery result not satisfying
  • If the implant is showing, or if it has been shifted
  • If the nose bridge is deviated
  • If the nose bridge is too high
  • If the nose tip is deformed
  • If short nose has occurred due to the nasal contracture

Revision Surgery Method for Each Cases

  • CASE 01 When the nose looks awkward due to exaggerated augmentation To achieve an ideal profile line from the forehead till the chin, the existing implant is replaced to a new one and autologous tissue used at the same time
  • CASE 02 When nasal contracture has occurred Remove the existing implant, mitigate the scar tissue sufficiently, then replace the custom-made implant and fix it to not let the nose tip be going upwards due to the contracture
  • CASE 03 When the implant can be seen due to the thin skin This problem may get improved by lowering the implant in case the implant is too high, inserting it deeper at the same time. The visible implant will be corrected by using autologous tissue or fats as the skin will be thicker than before
  • CASE 04 When the nose bridge seems to be deviated 01. If nose bridge is bilaterally asymmetric Correct the asymmetry by performing osteotomy on the outer part of the nasal bone 02. If nose center is bilaterally asymmetric Even the implant is inserted correctly, the nose will still look asymmetric. Therefore, implant is inserted after performing osteotomy on the center part of the nasal bone 03. If the implant is located in a wrong position Remove the implant, flatten the implant inserting area and make it symmetric to insert the implant
  • CASE 05 When the current nose shape is not satisfying If the nose shape or height is not satisfying, or if revision surgery is wished for any other reason, thorough consultation with the specialist is done to catch the exact design of the nose for a correction

Characteristics of JAYJUN Nose Revision Surgery

  • 01. Accurate analysis of previous surgeryFull consultation and analysis of previous surgery failure is done for a better outcome
  • 02. Customized Surgery PlanningSpecial surgery planning is done based on each individual’s facial features
  • 03. Minimal ScarringWe put our upmost effort to achieve natural result minimizing revision necessity

Nose Revision Surgery BEFORE & AFTER (Surgery result may vary depending on each one’s condition.)

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