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Calf Surgery

Surgery to make the calf muscle smooth by injecting Botox into the calf
muscle where the calf muscle is developed, or by liposuction.

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Calf Surgery

operation information

  • Operation Time Within 1Hour
  • Type of Anesthesia Local or partial
  • Hospitalization Discharge on the day itself
  • Stitch Removal None
  • Recovery Daily routine possible on the day itself
  • The information
    may vary depending
    on each one’s

Candidates for Surgery

  • If there is too much muscle on calf area
  • If the calf muscle is asymmetry
  • If there is swelling and fat on the calf
  • When the calf muscles are developed and the legs look thick and short

Kinds of JAYJUN Calf Surgery

  • Type 01. Calf Botox When biceps comes out while standing in the right posture and you lift the brackets Botox is injected into the over-developed calf muscle Induces natural muscle loss to complete the uneven leg line into a smooth line
  • Type 02. Calf Liposuction If the calf subcutaneous fat is excessively developed, the uneven calf fat layer will be smooth with an appropriate procedure

Characteristic of JAYJUN Calf Surgery

  • 01. Customized calf surgery Diagnose and operate according to the patient's calfl condition
  • 02. Complete a smooth line Completing not only a smooth calf but also the overall beauty of leg line
  • 03. Quick return to daily life There is almost no tissue damage and pain due to non-incisional surgery, allowing quick return to daily life

Quick Recovery for Calf Surgery System

  • 01 Minimize bleeding and pain by performing water shape liposuction + Venus Laser
  • 02 Skin tightening through Venus laser treatment
  • 03 Follow-up management using various equipment such as Endermologie, High Frequency Machine, Eporex, and etc.

Management System after Calf Surgery

Delicate and systematic body care through customized management system

  • 01 High Frequency
  • 02 Endermologie
  • 03 Eporex

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