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Our principle is to perform a safe practice which is based on the right beauty standard and not exaggerated plastic surgery.
We will put our utmost effort to bring out the inner beauty and not only a physical change.

Medical cooperation system

Our medical team is formed with specialists in each departments with their abound clinical experiences and know-hows. Therefore, consultation, operation and even post operation care is perfectly planned and performed

  • 01. Collaborative practice with each department’s specialists
  • 02. Safe Surgery through detailed and thorough analysis
  • 03. Customized operation based on each patient’s individuality
  • 04. Safe and reliable one-to-one exclusive anesthesia system
  • 05. Personalized client care management by special post operation care service

1:1 Patient monitoring system

  • For a best service, we provide 1:1 patient monitoring system to go through a safe operation till the pos operative care.

Specialized anesthesiologist available for 24 hours

  • In case of unexpected emergency,our specialized anesthesiologist is available for 24hoursto take care of pre and post operation pain.

Safety system with high-tech medical equipment

  • Accurate assessment
    by 3D-CT
  • High quality
    anesthesia system
  • High-tech Bio-signal
    monitoring system
  • Automated externa
    defibrillator (AED)
  • Uninterruptible power
    supply (UPS)
  • HD Endoscope
  • Aseptic sterilization
  • Gas detection
  • Superior hospitalization
  • Hypothermia

Medical cooperation system

  • The excellent postoperative care management with a collaborative practice with our specialized dermatologist, we will help patients to go back to daily life as quick as possible.

One stop medical service

We provide a one stop service from consultation, operation, recovery until postoperative care at one go for patients’ convenience.

Unceasing efforts and investigation for a perfection of beauty

  • JAYJUN medical team is ceaselessly working on academic researches to learn upgraded techniques in order to provide the highest quality of medical service.